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We have embarked on a path of meaningful investments

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We focuse on interesting and promising 


Co děláme

We are strongly focused on financial management of projects so that they reach their maximum revenue potential quickly.


Wide investment portfolio

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Czech full-service advertising agency with a 20-year history in the field of marketing services for global and local clients.

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We like following the green energy path. We produce electricity from the sun. Ewatt Kaplice s.r.o. photovoltaic power station with a total installed capacity of 2.125 MWp. We produce electricity from water.

Small Ewatt Dolní Štěpanice s.r.o. hydroelectric power plant with a total installed capacity of 170 kW.

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A new digital platform project built on the principle of booking and renting berths in marinas - including long-term ones.


Reconstruction of an apartment building with 22 small apartments for rent on site with excellent transport accessibility and the possibility of private parking.

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Construction of a multi-purpose apartment complex in a lucrative part of Prague 6 - Řepy.

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Property before reconstruction in the Hanspaulka residential area in the Dejvice district of Prague.


The construction of a luxury apartment building is planned in the residential district of Prague’s Troja.


We cooperate with our partner Moravská Stavební - INVEST, a.s. on a project for the construction of family houses in Prague Kbely.


Rented apartments and houses

Rodinné domy Letňany

In cooperation with MS-INVEST a.s. we have just completed the construction of 30 family houses in Letňany.

We are currently offering two of these 5kk houses for rent, each with a total internal usable area of 143 m2 and a plot of land with a size almost 300 m2.

Maisonette Jeseninova

Newly renovated luxury 190 m2 maisonette with a roof terrace with Jacuzzi and panoramic views of Prague.

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VIEW_Kreslicí plátno 1-02.png

Green City

Two apartments, each with a total area of 84 m2 in a lucrative area on the border of Jarov and Hrdlořezy in the boutique project Zelené Město 3 Premium.

Marina Island

Penthouse 255 m2 with a beautiful view of the Vltava in the prestigious Marina Island project on the Holešovice peninsula.

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VIEW_Kreslicí plátno 1-02.png

The first step is to connect with us


FINDOME s.r.o.

V závětří 1478/6, Holešovice

170 00 Praha

IČO: 28909721

DIČ: CZ28909721


FINDOME  s.r.o.

V závětří 1478/6, Holešovice

170 00 Praha

Šebeček Petr

Owner & CEO

Vaněček Jiří

Financial Director

+420 777 860 238


Píchal Petr

Project Manager

+420 774 860 144


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